Libros787, one of our founding sponsors, is the premier online seller of Puerto Rican books. They have compiled a curated list of books and videos that will add to your understanding of Puerto Rican art history as the perfect complement to your visit to the Puerto Rico Art Museum. 

While these titles are in Spanish, we think the visuals alone make them a worthwhile purchase. And, best of all, if you use the promo code FREEAUDIOGUIDES at checkout, Libros787 will give you free shipping. These items are a great gift to bring back home with you, without actually having to carry them in your already overpacked luggage.

Our recommendation

Pintura Puertorriqueña Puerto Rican Painting

This coffee table book catalogs the vast collection of works of art in the museums and vaults of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. It's a beautiful tome and makes a great gift for the art lover in your life. 

Other items

José Campeche Documentary

Francisco Oller Documentary

Fifties Generation Documentary featuring Rafael Tufiño and Myrna Báez